Fleshlight Anal Male Masturbator




Fleshlight Anal Male Masturbator

Fleshlight anal is a male masturbator sex toy. It gives the fun of anal. Anal lover will like its orifice anus and its tight insertion feeling. Fleshlight anus is quite famous in men as well as in gay. It gives new feeling of masturbation.

The front opening mouth of this sex toy is looks like anus part. Its hole is small in size because it represents anus. Fleshlight anal masturbator sex toy provides you with the realistic feeling because it is made by a really soft material. This real soft material is safer to use by beginner as well as expert. Its narrow hole give tighten insertion entrance and followed by rough texture from inside. It will be fun for men to us it. Fleshlight anal is made with body safe material and this complete all your pleasure and needs. If you enjoy the anal penetration, then this toy is absolutely for you.

As we know fleshlight is made with two parts, so this fleshlight anal too. The outer part of the fleshlight anal is made with hard material or the inner sleeve is made with the super soft material. You can separate its hard case and sleeves separately to cleaning it perfectly. Due to its special case, it is discreet toy. No one can find it that it is sex toy if it’s both side is closed.

We recommended you to use condom and water based lubricant for safer masturbation.


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