Realistic 3D Big Breast Vagina Masturbator




Realistic 3D Big Breast Vagina Masturbator

  • Realistic Big Breast and tight Vagina design ,give you extremely pleasure. Completely duplicate female breasts with super-realistic details. Full breasts and a large areola, realistic graininess and wrinkles give you a real touch. And the soft breast make you want to pinch it.
  • Breast Sex Put your cock on her chest, use the glans to feel the elasticity of her skin, apply the lubricating fluid to the cleavage, and enjoy the happy breast sex. You can hold her chest, thrust the breast or vagina at the speed you like, and shoot it on her breast, and the semen flows down her breast.
  • 3D Stimulation Channel In addition to breast, the vagina is also a good choice. Unlike a smooth breast, it is filled with super-stimulating particles. When you rub your brother back and forth, these raised particles or threads will rub on your glans and penis, like real sexual intercourse. You are plugging her faster and faster.
  • The strong feeling make you never forget. You can enjoy another passion.
  • Size: 22*14*9 cm
  • Material: TPR, safe and healthy. Convenient to wash,durable.
  • Enjoy a great time and have extreme fun.
  • When you need her
    1) when you willing to improve your skills, it can use as a trainer.
    2)when your wife/girlfriend not at your side, she will confort you.
    3)when your wife/ girlfriend in Physiological period, you may need her.
    4)when your wife is pregnant, you need her.
  • Notice:
    1) Keep it clean and before and after use.
    2) Better use it with lube.
    3) Wash, dry and save it carefully.


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